Gonzaga invited national student union experts to propose a design in competition for their new student center. As the penultimate finalist, MHTN envisioned a solution that addressed campus identity, and sustainability/functionality, while heightening each student’s awareness of their holistic connection to the greater world at large.

This proposal features a sculptural chapel at entry, as a contemplative reminder of the unity of heart mind and soul, as students come and go daily. A multilevel atirum connects the whole to all parts of the union, allowing students to see and be seen, to and from all programs. A lower level dining experience is punctuated by a living wall of green plantings and a large opening to the main level student lounge. A large expanse of curtainwall fuses the indoor/outdoor experience, to create social connectedness, and a continuous view to intramural fields and the larger campus context.

SERVICES: Architecture and Interiors Schematic Design, Conceptual Program Translation, Cost Estimating, Design Competition Package

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Design Challenge
Trees line a well-integrated sloping drive to a sub-surface loading dock parallel to the neighborhood street. This competition solution created a soft pedestrian street edge, hiding scheduled loading vehicles, while activating three sides of the building with curtainwall, decks, and primary entry.

Spokane, WA  |  2012

Earth Centered
Daylighting strategy to reduce HVAC loads; Energy recovery for dedicated outdoor air systems; Living wall as bio filter and interior oxygen generator; Occupiable green roof.