Emory University’s new Student Center creates a renewed and fortified heart for the campus, one that is student-centered and Earth-wise. Conceptualized as a vibrant village, this will be the place where Emory comes together to build memories, passionately advance causes, and find community. Accordingly, the building is the pleasing and sometimes surprising aggregation of disparate environments. Variety and flexibility support large gatherings and small events, public proclamations and casual conversations. The design fosters discourse and inclusion, while espousing a deep commitment to reduce resource consumption without sacrificing awe and delight. Two pavilions are joined by a sweeping Commons, light-filled and expansive, with interior and exterior zones to promote simultaneous events and circulation. On the upper level, a pathway arcs through the building like a treetop walkway, bridging together exciting student spaces. The building welcomes all to engage in the Emory campus experience.

SERVICES: Programming, Student Life Planning, Interior Architecture, Interior Design

In association with Duda|Paine Architects

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Design Challenge
Keeping the students’ interests number one, in a dynamic, leading-edge student center.

Atlanta, GA  |  118,000 SF  |  $71.8M  |   2019

Earth Centered
LEED Platinum, Net Zero Ready, geothermal energy