Foxboro North Regional Park

Glistening water sprays upwards in drenching streams from a circular stained concrete splash pad, providing a fun place to cool off and relax under Utah’s hot Summer sun. The peaked sunshades of play equipment, which emphasize climbing, sliding, and balancing, protect and entice. With playground and splash pad conjoined, young patrons can hop between both, with care taken in the surface textures of all structures. A soft, bouncy playground floor allows for moisture without becoming hot or slick to wet running feet. It safely enables the unbridled joy of free play. The 13 acre complex also features two soccer fields, a lacrosse field, post tension basketball court, restrooms with showers, and park pavilions scattered throughout. It dynamically links adjacent residential neighborhoods to urban hiking and biking trails along the Legacy Parkway.

SERVICES: Architecture, Landscape Architecture

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Design Challenge
Construction took place over a large natural gas pipeline.

North Salt Lake, UT  |  13 Acres  |  $2.8 M  |  2010