Paris France Temple – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Paris, France Temple is characterized by unique architecture reflective of the design values embraced by the French people. Working within the local requirements, the massing and position of the building present a seamless and welcome infill that compliments the local vernacular. In response to the local guidelines, and with respect to the surrounding neighborhood, the concept of a French château with its appropriate scale, materials and elegance greatly influenced the temple design. The temple is located in Le Chesnay, a small community near Paris, and hosts an adjacent housing building for patrons, a visitor center, and extensive gardens open to the public. The gardens are similarly designed following a traditional French pattern and provide a peaceful, contemplative and restful environment within the temple grounds for visitors and patrons, while concealing below grade parking and campus infrastructure.

SERVICES:  Master Plan, Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture & Lighting Design

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Design Challenge
Planning of a design that is both unique, and responsive to the traditional French vernacular, execution of traditional French decorative elements.

Paris, Le Chesnay, France | 2017

Earth Centered
Energy efficiency, LED Lighting, native plant species, local materials