Create the Future, is the charge behind Utah based boundary-breaking online professional learning company, Pluralsight. In conjunction with owner/developer Gardner Development Corporation, the new campus broke ground on October 2nd on its hillside plateau, situated at 42 Future Way, overlooking the Salt Lake Metro valley. The master planned campus is designed to enjoy 360 degree views to the surrounding Wasatch mountainscape, as the site adds future buildings.

Like a caped crusader with a mission to do good, this new headquarters exterior will take on a hip and understated palette of dark grey metal on dark tinted glass, while its internal face reveals a warm environment punctuated by modern wood porches and a landscaped pedestrian plaza streetscape. Inside, 9 floor zones of the initial building will accommodate up to 2000 creatives, who empower people all over the world with their mission to democratize technology.

The design responds to reinforce the culture via interconnected stairwells, expansive meeting areas, and hubs that will foster a feeling of connectivity and collaboration. Amenities of phase one will feature a full-service cafe, medical clinic, fitness center, and bike room. The footprint bends to glide along the edge of the site, as the exterior roofline slopes from 5 to 4 stories, smoothly complimenting the hillsides that rise beyond. This bend in footprint embraces the pedestrian plaza streetscape, that will be its heart of the campus. It is designed to become a relaxed and diverse exterior place where food trucks, hang-out space, landscape, fire pits, picnic area, athletic courts, and a walking path with access to the trail system along its ridge, will extend and sustain the positive workplace culture and build community.

Future master planned buildings are envisioned to promote a neighborhood feel and a reflection of Pluralsight’s values and culture. Each new building will further engage and activate the pedestrian zone, with cars stowed in structured parking decks that will sit against the rising escarpment along the back of the campus. This project will create a relaxed and energized touchpoint for this global tech company on Utah’s Silicon Slopes.

SERVICES: Corporate Master Plan, Site Planning, Core & Shell Architecture, Landscape Architecture

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Design Challenge
Design the future home of a growing tech corporation who is democratizing technology. Provide separate owner/developer a building capable of being phased, if needed, into 5 Levels & 4 Levels, and can divide easily for future potential sublease options. Create a singular impressive concept and sinuous exterior using a standard framing grid and create multi-level interior hub that will provide a central, enclosed gathering space for market/all hands

Draper, UT  |  30,000 sf  |  $60M  |  2020 Est

Earth Centered
Low energy use, daylight access, smart material selection.