Providence Parks, Trails, and Recreation Master Plan

Providence City selected MHTN Architects to prepare a Parks, Trails & Recreation Master Plan. The team established a visionary process that involved City leaders, City staff, Park Board members, and Providence citizens in the overall master plan process. The 2020 Providence Parks, Trails, and Recreation Continuous Improvement Master Plan is the City’s first-ever plan of its kind. It captures the state of the City’s existing parks, trails, and recreation offerings, and also looks forward to how the City can better serve its citizens over the next five to ten years. The plans five guiding principles are: 1) Provide a diversity of inclusive offerings, 2) Have a well-connected system, 3) Be rooted in history, but look to the future, 4) Be sustainable and responsible, and 5) Create space for community to gather.

This plan ensures the City has a clear vision and path for maintenance and enhancements to its current parks, trails, and recreation, and provides detailed guidance on future development so that its system meets the community’s ongoing needs. Each existing park has been redesigned to show how it can be expanded and enhanced, and suggestions for future park locations are identified. With these guidelines and information base, the City can be thoughtful and strategic in its allocation of financial and physical resources.

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SERVICES:  Parks Planning, Master Planning, Landscape Architecture, Vision and Goal Setting, Community Engagement, GIS Mapping, Cost Estimating

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Design Challenge
A robust shared-use trail network through the City was proposed as an inexpensive but impactful way to better connect parks to each other, create space for alternative forms of transportation, and provide safe spaces for people to recreate and be healthy.

Providence, UT | Citywide | 2020

Earth Centered
Parks, trails, and open space planning to encourage stewardship and pride of natural resources.