University of Utah Impact & Prosperity Epicenter

The Impact & Prosperity Epicenter for the David Eccles School of Business is a multidisciplinary hub for social innovation, impact, and enterprise at the University of Utah. The 780-bed student residence fosters a growing network of social impact practitioners, acting as a nerve center of their knowledge and experience. The design creates strategic and intentional flexibility at its ground floor and courtyard, where impromptu and formal interactions will fuel this learning community. Working labs of both the Sorenson Impact Center and the Business, Health, and Prosperity Center, under one roof, provides a unique opportunity to support each other in their shared mission to change thought, improve practice and enrich the lives of students, faculty, and global partners.

Student housing buildings are inherently resource intensive for both energy and water use. With that in mind, the design team has made a concerted effort to minimize demand through passive thermal and air infiltration design strategies to create a high-performance building envelope and passive low-water landscape design.

SERVICES: Program, Feasibility Study, Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

In association with Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design

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Design Opportunities
Designing a place where student social entrepreneurs can thrive in their residential community, with work lab environments, and a flexible hub to connect and host events with greater campus cohorts.

Salt Lake City, UT  |  284,800 SF  |  2024

Earth Centered
Beyond passive strategies, energy-efficient heating, cooling, and water-heating systems, low-energy appliances, low-flow plumbing fixtures (including laundry and food service equipment) were selected to decrease demand. The building features all-electric heating and cooling systems that reduce dependence on fossil fuels.