Utah STEM Action Center STEM Bus

The Utah STEM Bus brings meaningful STEM learning activities to K-12 students throughout Utah. As a mobile technology lab, laptop carts, a large rotating monitor for teacher presentations, and smaller monitors for student presentations support a variety of activities, in a flexible space. The middle of the bus contains a flex lab with whiteboard countertops for students to write ideas on as they work. The countertop work surface also serves as space for laptop work, robotics development, and other STEM activities, and flips down to present ideas, enlarge the space, and facilitate storage for mobile carts while the bus is in motion.

An exterior awning is mounted to the side of the bus to create more space and support outdoor learning. The back of the bus contains the mobile maker space with fixed cabinets for storage, a 3D printer, and other materials for engineering prototypes.

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Design Challenge
Design relevant flexible learning environment in a confined space that will withstand the vibrations of a moving bus.

Salt Lake City, UT | 300 SF | 2017

Earth Centered
Technology powered by three electricity sources to utilize most efficient option.