Focused on ideas of choice, dignity, and acceptance, the Volunteers of America Youth Resource Center is designed to provide a safe and healing environment for the homeless and at-risk youth of Utah.  Authentic and uplifting, the building enables healing and progress for these underserved. It represents the combined vision of community leaders, the design team, and young clients experiencing homelessness and will serve as an anchor for the surrounding Granary neighborhood by providing a framework based on choice, dignity, and acceptance. A calm and porous environment, the building allows ample transparency to the exterior and has been articulated to be legible and welcoming while providing safety and privacy. With a gallery wall, a display corner, and an exterior art wall, the youth have an opportunity to project their identities and express their creativity. The interior is organized around a courtyard and a skywell, filling the building with light and air, providing safe multi-functional space for both programmed activity and quiet respite.

SERVICES: Programming, Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design

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Design Challenge
With operational costs in mind, the durability of materials was paramount. The project was designed and specified to withstand intense use over time. Timeless monochromatic materials were used in installations that change infrequently, such as flooring and tile.

Salt Lake City, UT  |  20,000 SF  |  2016

Earth Centered
High performance exterior envelope, daylighting through clerestory skylights, Transit friendly