This compact urban campus, surrounded by Salt Lake City’s Sugarhouse neighborhood, is a welcome home away from home. The renovated Shaw Student Union is the core of the campus life experience so important to students. Combining dining options with student organizations, as well as bookstore, game and meeting areas, ensures an active and dynamic environment. By opening an existing brick facade to a panoramic view of historic Converse Hall and Plaza, the interiors are washed with daylight. New outdoor areas allow activity to spread onto campus both day and night. The building draws the campus community in, simultaneously revealing its vibrant energy.

SERVICES: Architecture, Interior Design

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Design Challenge
With the completion of a new student housing project, Westminster College saw a four-fold increase in its residential population.  The renovation to the Shaw Student Union incorporated dining services to accommodate increases capacity, while promoting areas for students to connect.

Salt Lake City, UT  |  34,000 sf  |  $2,800,000  |  2001