The new Dixie State Human Performance Center is an innovative combination of three major campus functions: academic, recreation and athletics. An iconic landmark serving as a gateway for the west entry of campus, the new center resides in rich surroundings and a unique and inspiring landscape. Dramatic horizons in all directions, vistas across the city to surrounding mesas and the favorable year-round climate all distinguishes DSU from all other universities in the state. As is evident by the surrounding environment of the campus, it is very fitting to punctuate DSU’s mantra “active learning/active life” with this new landmark building that will be one of the most prominent in the region.

With these powerful elements of regional context and campus influences, our team, in conjunction with the Steering Committee, shaped the aesthetic of the new Human Performance Center. Key features incorporated in the building include: Spaces filled with natural light, visibility into activity areas and the surrounding campus, public lounges, and activity zones that provide opportunities for learning and hands-on training. With its corner prominence, the Olympic-size pool and indoor climbing wall are significant differentiators that will be showcased to the campus and surrounding community. Utilizing the rooftop, DSU will be able to take advantage of the favorable southern Utah climate, and expand its recreational offerings to its students, faculty and staff. These unique spaces will include a rooftop running track, outdoor athletic courts, inclined “Sprint Hill”, outdoor fitness balconies, gathering spaces and entry plaza.

Our design team was tasked to design “the best facility in the state” to house academic, athletic and recreation departments under one roof in a cohesive and unifying manner. As a hub for student activities and academics, the Center will play a major role in recruitment and retention of students and faculty, not only within the health and exercise programs, but those interested in intramural sports and an active student life experience.

Sustainable design solutions accomplished in the project include a high-performance building envelope to provide maximum energy efficiency, complying with Utah’s strict requirements including a 20 percent energy cost enhancement of energy performance and an air leakage rate of .1 cubic feet per minute or less at the building envelope.

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