MHTN’s West Bountiful Elementary School has been recognized with Learning By Design’s Grand Prize Award.

The 65,000 SF, two-story educational facility is an on-site school replacement that features several learning environments in an open, collaborative space. The design promotes a variety of learning activities while learning studios easily open to a shared community space with sliding doors that transforms the learning environment in a simple and affordable way.

Our K-12 Team collaborated with numerous stakeholders when designing the school including local community leaders, school parent councils, and the city council. When meeting with West Bountiful’s students, our team created a special activity asking each child to imagine what the world should look like in 50 years. Bringing these ideas together, MHTN has developed a student-focused program and building that will be able to adapt to future educational needs.

Alongside the local community, MHTN also prioritized sustainability when designing the new school. West Bountiful is a zero-energy building featuring a photovoltaic array on the roof to generate the building’s entire electrical demand, classrooms oriented to maximize natural daylight, and high-tech mechanical systems that improve overall efficiency.

Find the full Grand Prize Award in the Fall 2021 edition of Learning By Design: