As student life and healthcare planning consultant, MHTN Architects helped guide Duke University through a Lean Design process to establish this user-centric healing environment for its diverse students and staff. As an active collaborator with the design team, MHTN tested and integrated care models and applied student life expertise to each design concept. Listening to the unique characteristics of the Duke care model established the student and staff experience for the Health and Wellness Center. The facility benefits from care taken to establish acoustic qualities, sequence the student experience, access staff discreetly, and backstage supportive technical environments, including ambulance access to the site.

The planning and placement of this environment is designed to extend Duke’s student life precinct, and succeeds in calmly integrating student wellness into a daily part of campus life. Campus vistas, mix of programs and classes, and thoughtful transition areas help each student feel this environment completes the bigger picture of wellness on campus.

SERVICES: Concept Planning

In association with Duda Paine Architects

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Design Challenge
Create a model facility that integrates clinical care, wellness, and student life.

Durham, NC  |  71,770 SF  |  2017