Four Corners Behavioral Health Clinic

The Four Corners Community Behavioral Health Moab Clinic and Clubhouse is a new home for the organization which consolidates their services from two separate facilities in Moab. This 2-level facility features clinical counseling and mental health services on the first floor and life-skills training and consultation services on the second floor. It has been thoughtfully laid out and sized to accommodate the expansion of the services they offer as the need continues to increase into the future. This project has a unique program that requires spaces to support rehabilitation and consulting services for introducing patients to basic life skills training. Spaces for banking, food preparation, laundry, job searching, socializing, physical fitness, and other basic skills are provided to support the care and progress of patients.

SERVICES: Program, Master Plan, Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Cost Estimating

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Collaborative Partnership
MHTN’S Healthcare Team worked closely with FCCBH to understand their vision and to ensure this facility meets all of the unique requirements for the organization and the clients that are served.

Moab, UT  |  16,800 SF  |  2022

Earth Centered
Treatment spaces reside largely on level two of the facility giving way to unobstructed views of the surrounding area and allowing for natural daylight to fill the space. Connection to outside and natural light gives the occupants a unique experience and reduces the need for lighting loads during daylight hours.