Highland High School Site Renovation, Fields, and Courts

The Salt Lake District desired to install a new turf field using a sand-based soil. The renovation of the adjacent track, practice field and softball field outfield were included as part of the project. A new soccer field replaced the existing field. Retaining walls provided for not only a larger replacement field, but also the construction of proper slopes and grades. A modified USGA sand base was selected and installed over a herringbone drainage system. A new perimeter underground drain removes water from the field at a rate of 12-18” per hour. The existing track was entirely reconstructed, and a high-grade Mondo system provided. The existing practice field was also renovated, including the irrigation system and removable goal posts. The new soccer field provides a field slightly smaller than a world cup sized field. A new retaining wall and reconstruction of the existing parking area allows for the addition of the soccer field in this area.

SERVICES: Site Design, Field Deign, Court Design, Architectural Landscape

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Salt Lake City, UT  |  8.6 Acres  |  2012

Earth Centered
Conversion to synthetic field at the stadium significantly reduced water consumption for maintenance.  Soccer field irrigation reduces water consumption with use of smart timers to control water usage.