Indianapolis Indiana Temple – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Indianapolis Indiana Temple embodies regional architecture in a highly traditional design built and engineered with standards that ensure its performance for the next 100 years and beyond. Though markedly monumental in design, the building is not meant to appear heavy; on the contrary, recessive parapets and carvings give way to the unique spire, ever leading the eye upward. Attention was given to every intricate detail, integrating seamlessly with the architectural expression. The leaf and flower of Indiana’s State Tree along with other regional motifs are used in the ornamentation, sensitively making this iconic edifice resonate with patrons. From the interior decorative paint to the lush landscape, the meticulous cohesion between various design elements ensures an all-encompassing serenity.

SERVICES: Master Plan, Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape, Furniture & Lighting Design

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Design Challenge
Stone cladding engineering, design and execution of decorative elements.

Carmel, IN | 2015

Earth Centered
Energy efficiency, LED lighting, native plant species