Utah Valley Convention Center

Utah Valley’s three-story convention center is a highly adaptable world-class event venue designed to reflect and promote the surrounding natural beauty of Utah Valley. The gracious expanse of pre-function lounge offers spectacular vistas of the Wasatch Mountains, while interior features reference Utah’s northern landscape and are reminiscent of chiseled rock canyons, layered with warm wood. Daylight floods in at every level, creating warmth and vibrancy during daytime hours, and bathing interior surfaces with the glow of dusk. An outdoor roof garden complements several meeting rooms and is designed as a flexible overflow plaza and VIP reception space. MHTN’s careful master planning informs the architecture to anticipate future phases of expansion.  Also, it allows the incorporation of a parking garage on the tight urban site while respecting pedestrian flow to and from the surrounding city, thus ensuring civic relevancy and vitality.

SERVICES: Master Plan, Program, Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape

In association with Populous

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Design Challenge
Planning on a tight urban site that honors the surrounding historic downtown context.

Provo, UT | 144,000 SF | 2014

Earth Centered
LEED Gold Certification