Rio Tinto’s first experience with a new open office design had left them with a beautiful space, but one eliciting a lackluster response of workplace pride, devoid of brand identity, and trapped in stale paradigms. MHTN lead the management group, and its executives, through a design process that would respect the sophisticated spirit of the original design, but address objectives to provide a modern, efficient, and high-quality open work environment for 600 people, and another new T.I space on the ground level for Their Kennecott Teams. On the forefront of transformative workplace ideals, the result incorporated diverse accommodations for meeting space and casual work environments. Upholstered-wall huddle nooks afforded privacy for small meetings or phone conversations. A glass cube conference room is cradled in red steel bracing. Red, RioTinto’s corporate color, is combined with cedar and raw steel, becoming a unifying element throughout.

SERVICES: Interior Architecture, Interior Design

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Design Challenge
Continue this international corporate client’s brand aesthetic, and create an environment that is flexible but custom suited to their workplace culture.

South Jordan, UT  |  120,000 sf Remodel; 22,000 sf New TI  |$3.35M Remodel; $2M, New TI | 2012

Earth Centered
Low impact materials, and maximization of flexible demountable office wall systems.