Salt Lake County Salt Lake District Attorney’s Office

Transparency is a primary concept in the design for this new office building that represents the face of the District Attorney’s Office to the public, communicating law, trust and safety. Built to compliment the neighboring Matheson Courthouse, the building is carefully sited in this important civic setting. Limestone panels provide a solid frame to uphold a crystalline mosaic of glass, visually creating a statement of strength and unique beauty. Three distinct masses combine to modulate the monolithic facade, thoughtfully tucking the building into its tight urban site while providing contrasting scale and shadow. A clerestoried light well brightens the core, channeling daylight deeply into the building through inner windowed office walls. At the ground level, a public thoroughfare elevates the building, visually lightening the structure and creating clarity for optimum wayfinding.

SERVICES: Program, Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design

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Salt Lake City, UT | 115,000 SF | 2018

Earth Centered
Designed to achieve LEED Gold.