Salt Lake County West Jordan District Attorney’s Office

Located in West Jordan, Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office is designed as a dignified expression of justice and order that fits in with the civic campus at the heart of the civic center. A two-story masonry building with long vertical punched window openings, the proportions are complimentary to the neighboring 3rd District Courthouse. Pedestrian linkages were an important driver in the positioning of the building so that patrons and staff can easily identify and approach the pronounced canopy entry, and attorneys can easily walk to the courts next door.

SERVICES: Program, Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design

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Design Challenge
The client requested this facility be similar to the concurrently designed downtown facility.  Furniture and interiors are the same, which achieves flexibility, cost savings in materials and furnishing purchasing, and equality of environment in both locations.

West Jordan, UT | 28,471 SF | 2017

Earth Centered
LEED Gold Anticipated