In support of the expanding School of Science at Southern Utah University, the Geoscience School will be relocated into the remodeled and repurposed former 26,000 square foot Dixie Leavitt Business Building.  The remodel transforms a 1978 building exterior into an energy efficient contemporary façade that fronts the University’s central campus quad.  This façade also becomes the new main entry and includes a prominent two-story glass volume intended to display and showcase a fossilized dinosaur skeleton found in quarries nearby.  Interior transformations include purposeful and upper level lobbies, an ADA compliant elevator, enhanced life safety and ADA compliance throughout all levels, fully accessible classrooms and associated classrooms, and new energy efficient HVAC and lighting systems.  Along with the building improvements, existing lawn and planer areas are transformed into xeriscape low-water use boundaries to compliment the contemporary appearance of the new exterior and new main entry to the building.

SERVICES: Feasibility Study, Programming, Architecture, Interiors, Site Planning

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Design Challenge
Renovating a single exterior façade that cohesively integrated with existing materials.

Cedar City, UT  |  25,848 SF  |  $4,624,000  |  2018