Vista Education Campus

The Vista Education Campus redefines what a school for students with special needs can become. The “Mayberry Concept” became the organizing idea to bring the diverse student ‘neighborhoods’ together around shared ‘town center’ functions. The ‘town center’ is intentionally active and engaging to help acclimate students to places like shopping malls and higher education centers to promote independent adult living. The neighborhoods are designed to meet the specific characteristics of students and to provide a place of comfort and familiarity.

SERVICES:  Master Planning, Programming, Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Stakeholder Visioning & Consensus

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Design Challenge
Phasing school replacement without interrupting student routine or impacting student safety

Farmington, UT | 72,472 SF | 2013

Earth Centered
High Efficient Heat Pump (Exchange) HVAC System. Solar Orientation and Daylighting. LED Lighting